Bag for Nestle measuring wheels
Bag for Nestle measuring wheels.

Nestle – Precision measuring full disc wheel, calibratable
Precision measuring wheels for exact measurements. Deviation 0.02 %.   Ideal for distance measurements on construction sites and roadworks. Also suitable for accident investigations. Quality counter mounted directly above the wheel, easy to read while handling the wheel. The counter also works decremental, which makes subtractions possible. Zero-set lever attached to the counter for quick resets. Solid and large stand, easy to fold out. Integrated brake prevents from unintentional changes of the measuring result. Foldable handle for space-saving transport. Solid full wheel or spoke wheel respectively, made of aluminium die cast metal keeps the measuring wheel firmly on the track. The rubber is ground to exactly 318.5 mm diameter. The wheel's framework is robot-welded and guarantees for lasting quality and durability.  

Nestle – Precision measuring spoke wheel, calibratable
Precision measuring wheels for exact measurements. Deviation 0.02 %.   Measuring wheel for road and rail construction. Calibrated version also suitable for use by authorities and for police records of accidents for which reliable precision is essential. Quality counter attached over the measuring wheel – convenient to read from the stand. Counter also counts backwards; subtractions are possible. Zeroing lever next to the counter makes it quick and easy to reset the device. Large, stable stand, easy to fold out backwards. Integrated brake prevents accidental measuring result distortion. Folding guiding rod. Stable spoke wheel made from die-cast aluminium keeps the measuring wheel firmly on track and ensures that it moves quietly. Rubber running surface is precisely cut to the 318.5 mm diameter. Our measuring wheels’ frameworks are robot-welded to guarantee lasting quality and outstanding durability.  

Transport case for Nestle measuring wheels
Robust transport case for our Nestle measuring wheels to provide optimum protection during transportation and handling.

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