Adhesive arrows, 100 mm, film, yellow/magenta
The adhesive arrows supplement the magnetic arrows for use on non-ferrous surfaces. For displaying minor damage in photographs (previous damage or for vehicle return reports). The arrows are made from film and therefore stick to all smooth, clean bodywork parts.Contents: 125 arrows (75 × yellow / 50 × magenta). Arrow size: 100 × 25 mm. Can be individually written on with marker pens, e.g. Dura-Ink-20, black (see Markers).

Self-adhesive labelling kit
Labelling kit as a practical documentation tool for labelling damage while also indicating approximate size ratios. Firm hold, even on non-magnetic surfaces such as light alloy bodywork parts or plastic cladding.Per roll in a box: 50 sticker sets, perforated after each sticker setSticker set comprises: 2 arrows (length: 6 cm), 1 ring (Ø 4 cm), 1 ruler (length 10 cm)Made from white, easily detachable PE filmPrinted in black and white

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