Ad Blue Test Paper
AdBlue systems are a standard feature of today's diesel exhaust gas purification systems. An additional system that supplements the already complex diesel exhaust technology and forms an additional source of error messages in the exhaust system. The basic prerequisite for the proper functioning of AdBlue systems is the absolute purity of the AdBlue (urea) liquid used. Unfortunately, this is not always taken into account. Vehicle users - especially in the commercial vehicle sector - transfer AdBlue liquid from filling systems into unsuitable containers such as old oil or fuel canisters, thus carrying reserves contaminated with hydrocarbons, which are then filled into the AdBlue tank. Even the smallest contamination by hydrocarbons can trigger a fault message in the AdBlue system.Therefore, the first step in fault diagnosis should be to test for contaminated AdBlue fluid.The test strips offered here detect hydrocarbon contamination in all media such as water or AdBlue. Oil test paper allows the rapid and reliable detection of oil contaminations. The sensitivity largely depends on the nature of the respective hydrocarbon. Platform Qualitative test paper Parameter Oil Detection limit 250 mg/L petroleum ether, 10 mg/L gasoline (high octane), 5 mg/L fuel oil, 1 mg/L lubricating oil Color change Oil - pale blue → dark blue Length 70 mm Width 20 mm Storage temperature 4−30 °C Scope of delivery 100 test strips in a plastic box Hazardous material No

Indicator paper
Indicator strips for proving if substances are acidic or alkaline. 100 test strips per pack with a colour chart for determining the pH level.

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