Sticky flexible ruler, 10 cm, foil


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Product number: 1005140
Sticky flexible ruler, 10 cm, foil

Adhesive rulers for photographic representation of damage, also for distance shots. This makes it possible to present damage professionally even on non-metallic components such as windows, headlights and plastic body parts such as radiator grilles and plastic fenders. The adhesive layer adheres to all smooth surfaces. Soiled adhesive layers and thus diminished in their adhesive effect can be easily cleaned again under running water. Rulers adhere to all clean and smooth surfaces.

The protective film on the back of the adhesive markings is divided into two parts for removal. If the smaller upper part is left on the marking, the adhesive markings can be easily put on and taken off again repeatedly on the surfaces to be documented or the “Storage board”.

Size: 10 cm × 2.5 cm
Content: 5 pieces

Length: 10 cm
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